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month of modest yet unspectacular growth. samsung expects another record quarter of smartphone sales, but analysts say this could be the peak. and the bank of japan holds off on more easing for now, but opening the door to more action later this month. also, spain's finance minister says the country does not need a bailout facing a skeptical crowd in london, but could rajoy be cornered by the leaders of france and italy at a meeting today? i've been away for a couple of days and thanks for whoever filled in. on today's show, planning more sanctions on iran. we'll look at the worsening impact on the panel of experts. larry fink said the u.s. housing market is inching closer to a rebound. we'll hear more from that interview. and can the united states dodge a financial cliff in we'll speak to a guest who has clear ideas of what needs to be done. first it's about the jobs report, unemployment report due out at 8:30 eastern. economists think yet another month of modest job growth, but not enough to make a dent in unemployment. dow jones forecasted nonfarm payrolls for an increase of 118,0
>>> samsung strikes back. the south korean electronics maker adds the iphone 5 to its patent battle with apple. samsung electronics is upping the ante in the on going legal war with apple. the south korean and u.s. technology giants have been fighting each other in the courts over technology for smartphones and other mobile devices. the people at samsung say they added iphone 5, apple's iphone 5 to a patent infringement lawsuit. samsung alleges the latest smartphone violates eight of its patents. the claim targets technologies for displays data and storing photos. lawyers for samsung say they will exclude patents on the high speed wireless communications protocol known as lte. samsung has an edge in this technology. samsung received a green light from a u.s. district court in california in another case. the company can resume sales of its tablet device the galaxy 10.1 in the u.s. market. the court decided in june to temporarily ban sales. it lifted the injunction after a separate lawsuit in august found this particular tablet did not infringe on apple patents. >>> in other news ahma
30 years. >>> samsung electronics is the authority will not make judgments on whether idle reactors should be allowed to be restructured once they meet current standards. >>> coming up -- the land of hope. a japanese director tells a fictional story about the threat of nuclear power. >>> samsung electronics is upping the ante in its ongoing legal war with apple. the south korean and u.s. technology giants have been fighting each other in the courts over technology for smartphones and other mobile devices. now the people at samsung say they've added apple's iphone5 to a patent infringement lawsuit in the united states. nhk world has more. >> reporter: samsung alleges apple's latest smartphone violates eight patents. it targets technologies for installing photos. the two firms have been fighting similar trials in ten countries including in japan. samsung received the green light on monday from a u.s. district court in california in another case. the company can resume sales of its tablet device, the galaxy tab 10.1 in the u.s. market. the court decided in june to temporarily ban sales
. and sales of smartphones have guided samsung to a record quarterly profit. plus s&p september out a warning shot for france cutting three of the country's biggest banks citing increased economic risks. and a late burst of spending by consumers is likely to boost third quarter u.s. gdp, but growth may still be too sluggish to bring down employment. welcome to today's show. the last one of the week here. and just remind you plenty to get through as we count down toward the gdp number in the u.s. we'll have an interview with the boss of jpmorgan, jamie dimon. his views on the election and his outlook on the economy. microsoft is unveiling its windows 8. we'll have the latest plus in-depth analysis at 11:45 cet from new york. at 10:20, we're heading to hong kong. big day for earnings from chinese lenders. and then at 1 ch11:50, we're in chicago and third quarter u.s. g gdp. apple corporate figures up 24%, but it missed analyst forecasts. second straight miss for the company. revenues rose 27%, slightly better than expected. apple sold nearly 27 million iphones. the iphone 5 was released at the
supplement industry. there will be in addition to the technology market. samsung will be able to sell its galaxy 10.1 in the u.s. after a ban when apple sued samsung over a patent dispute. it could help samsung gained ground running up to the holiday season. we're less than three months away from all major winter holidays. some people are trying to figure out how many people take advantage of layaway deals. 34% of american shoppers say they are likely to bite gets on layaway. buy gifts likely to on layaway. >> , your instaweather plus forecast. with as start you off live look at doppler radar with a few sprinkles showing up on the radar. we have a sprinkle near towson. the radar makes it look more ominous than it really is. it is hardly impacting traffic but something to keep in mind if you're traveling north of baltimore city. it is much the same around hagerstown. this will be the trend as the go through the afternoon. what a big difference in temperatures depending on where you are. a lot of temperatures are getting near 80 degrees. near baltimore and north, we have some 60's. downtown
debate to one in court in that long running battle between samsung apple. a victory for samsung. sco scott, tell us about it. >> reporter: a federal court prohibited samsung from selling galaxy nexus cell phone after a jury decided that phone violated patents. an appeals court says it should not have been done before a full hearing and will let samsung sell the phone at least for now. the california energy commission will send 10 million dollars to tesla to help the car company build the model x assembly line. this is state money gathered from your vehicle registration and smog checks. nearly 2 million was sent to zero motorcycles out in santa cruz. tesla won't build the model x for at least a year and a half. right now it's model s that you saw in that video moving ahead more slowly than expected. >> okay. thanks so much. >>> wacky weather caught people by surprise in gilroy. take a look at this. a thunderstorm moved through the city yesterday afternoon dumping buckets of hail on this neighborhood. in a matter of minutes it looked like snow had fallen on the lawns and rooftops. >> i
. >> can wall street reversed its losing ways? and he will see what it samsung is doing now to take on the iphone 5. we'll have (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >> the dow is down 19 points. we're looking for a positive start to this morning. despite the big drop in unemployment claims and the dow is down 19 points. j.p. morgan and chased released better than expected earnings. 88¢ per share earnings that beat estimates of 87 for wells fargo. samsung unveiled this morning a smaller version of its popular galaxy x 3. it is exactly the same size as the new iphone 5. there's no word as to whether or not it will be released in the u.s.. >> we continue track gas prices as we head into the weekend. we have a little bit of good news, prices are driving ever so slightly-- dropping. that is down 2¢ from yesterday. oakland is at $4.64. at san jose is at
by midnight you two. hahaha vo: the next big thing is already here. the samsung galaxy s3. wait honey, this is the line for apps. i stand... yep! is an awesome place to be. introducing the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu eco. ♪ sophisticated new styling, the fuel-saving intelligence of eassist, 37 mpg highway, and up to 580 highway miles on a single tank of gas. ♪ the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu eco. ♪ it has everything to put you in the malibu state of mind no matter what state you live in. ♪ dedicate their lives to protecting our freedom. this is our chance to say thanks. upload a photo or a message of support to when you send a message of thanks, bank of america will donate a dollar to wounded warrior project, to help show our injured service members and veterans we care. >> this is our new friend at fox and off his new album "i'm shaking. >> ken: here's miller pitching to buster posey. miller just turned 22. posey is 25. youth is served here in the bottom of the seventh of game two. first-round pick, 19th overall, shelby miller from houston,
has loss at legal battle against samsung and the company has been ordered by a judge to apologize. the uk court says samsung did not copy apple's design for tablets. the british court said in part the galaxy tablet doesn't infringe on the patent because the the samsung patents were not as cool. that may end it there but may may appeal. >>> they are starting that there. locals will get their first taste of starbuck's there. they will open stores in new deli next here and they have locations in 61 countries. >>> a new study shows the bay area is less friendly to start up businesses than other parts of california, the bay area council economic institute says relatively expensive housing and the high cost of doing business here are part of the reasons. the report adds los angeles and san diego are home to started ups that have created more jobs there than here. earlier this month size reported fremont and san jose were the best places in the country for technology start ups. >>> facebook is taking a page from apple's playbook, the social network issued a vague invitation to th
on the samsung gal lax bey. >> come on over. >> i also made you a video. >> oh, so sweet. >> probably shouldn't watch it on the plane. >> oh, no, she didn't. >> yes, she did. >> hey, you got to keep that marriage alive. >> tech bloggers are talking about this because it showcases the s beam technology that you mentioned that is on the samsung galaxy. basically meaning you touch your phones together and you can share content videos, music, pictur pictures, whatever. >> like it. >> i think you can see why people are talking about this big time because -- >> we're led to believe it's a sexy naughty video and she's a beautiful blonde woman, a cute mom. >> yes. >> all the husbands thinking i've got to get a samsung galaxy so my wife can make me naughty videos for the trip. >> if the daughters only knew what mom was sending dad. >> just your ordinary, everyday stop over for gas in midair. until -- >> what the heck just happened? >> see how it nearly goes terribly wrong, next. >> and november means growing a mustache, and this guy is showing us how. >> smell wood. >> our guys are in. see why, o >>>
it the same way. you mentioned samsung but they're doing better than you guys. when i finished, i said the analysts think they are knuckleheads and they must be out there. i'm not sure what kind of equipment they're buying. maybe research in motion. sticking by this fabulous company hewlett packard. cook is saying they're doing well. amazon is going to say that we're great. the neck with you. >> i don't think there are any other companies. it works for amazon. for whatever reason. because of the confidence in the ceo and the plan and long history, by the way i think in some ways you can view it as a positive sign for investing because you have to be an investor when it comes to amazon. it is an open ended growth story. you can make an argument that amazon will be the biggest company in the world one day and you won't look at me like i have four heads. >> maybe three. it's remarkable story. >> there's no valuation support for stock at this level. >> there's none. there was a moment on the call where i kept saying when will someone ask a question and they'll answer it. finally someone sa
on bridges and overpasses. because just as you head out this morning. back to you. >> thank you. samsung wins one round in the but apple ispple continuing to been as well. >> here's rob nelson. >> samsung wins a round. a u.s. judge lifted a ban on of the galaxy tablets. is still seeking a ban, but this will allow samsung to sell the 10.1 for the holidays. samsung is still the leader in u.s. smartphone market, but apple is catching up quickly. posted some big gains in market share. blackberry and windows are continuing to lose ground. book may soonxt g as a flashcard soon. secretary of education arne it's necessary if the u.s. wants to keep up with .ther countries this is a globe and as a speaker thaticrophone built in a smartphone para it >> i don't care what has gone on the last seven years. it's all worth it for this moment. thejuly of 2005, player named adam greenberg got his first major- plate appearance against the marlins. he got hit in the head and back to build his career. glass night in miami finally made it .ack to the big leagues a second chance to have one at he struck out
york city for today's tech bytes. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, samsung wins a round, a u.s. judge lifted a temporary ban on sales of the galaxy tab 10.1 tablet. in the u.s. apple is still seeking a permanent ban burks this will allow samsung to sell the 10.1 for the holidays. meanwhile, samsung is still the leader in the u.s. smart phone market, but apple is quickly catching up. samsung's market share in august stayed flat while apple posted some big gains. blackberry and windows are continuing, though, to lose ground. in a few years the printed textbook may be as outdated as flash cards. education secretary arnee duncan says the u.s. should move away from the hard copy text as soon as possible. he says it's necessary if the u.s. wants to keep up with other countries. and high tech gloves mean you won't have to go bare handed to use a smart phone outdoors this winter. the glove has a speaker and microphone built in. both gloves have a special material that works with a touch screen. those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson. >>> you're looking at a live picture right now
in frankfurt. samsung is down slightly. let's talk more about that. samsung display reportedly planning to end its supply contract with apple as early as next year. the news raising plenty of eyebrows. what's up with them, why are they going to end this agreement? >> samsung group official tells cnbcs that it is true that panel orders from apple have been reduced. this after a korea times report that says a samsung group affiliate is terminating its contract with apple and whether no longer supply its lcd panels to its long time partner citing inside sources at samsung. the report went on to say that starting next year, it's completely stopping display shipments to apple. we were able to confirm that this is because of apple's demands for huge price discounts for panels. there have been many conflicting reports about this supply relationship between samsung and apple, and some have speculated that their patent legal battles might have something to do with it. but the samsung official i was speaking to earlier today told me it's strictly about business and generating cash. so where whether they
. >>> apple and samsung's bitter patent battle goes on. a temporary sales ban against the galaxy tab 10.1 which a jury did not infringe on apple patents has been lifted. samsung has added the iphone 5 to that battle. >>> watch out mini cooper, "the wall street journal" reports nissan is bringing back the datsun in emerging economies. the bare bones version will go for as low as 3,000 bucks for a whole car. that sounds nice. >>> what do you think of this? rome is cracking down on snacking. there's a new law banning eating near the city's historical sites and it carries a fine of up to $650. i would not do well there. >>> coming up, triple crown cabara. >>> and man u. on a roll. >>> and one yankee plays hero twice in one night. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. alka-seltzer plus cold & cough may cause marked drowsiness. try dayquil cold & flu for n
and honda posting double digit gains. gm and ford sales were mostly flat. >>> apple and samsung's bitter patent battle goes on. a temporary sales ban against the galaxy tab 10.1 which a jury recently found did not infringe on any apple patents has been lifted. meanwhile, samsung has now added the iphone 5 to its original filing against apple. >>> new sales figures show a recovery in the american beer budget. shipments are up for the first time since 2008 thanks to the popularity of craft brews. >>> watch out, mini cooper. "the wall street journal" reports nissan is bringing back the datsun in emerging economies. the bare bones version will go for as low as 3,000 bucks for a whole car. that's nice. >>> and finally, rome is cracking down on snacking. that's right. a new law banning eating near the city's historical sites carries a fine of up to $650. i would go broke there. >>> well, coming up, triple crown cabrera. the most famous second plate appearance in history. and manhu on a role. plus, one yankee plays hero twice in one night. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead.
. to strengthen housing recovery. samsung is reporting a record quarterly profit. strong sales of smart phones and high end televisions drove profits to $7.3 billion. that's 21% higher from the second quarter. analysts expect samsung's profits to decrease in the coming quarters due to a rise in market spending. and facebook says it now has 1 billion monthly users. that's double the 500 million users reached two years ago and nearly half of the total number of internet users in the world. but facebook has growing competition with services from google and twitter and its stock jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] the latest thing to wear with
. >> reporter: and it's getting rough out there. samsung's new commercial portrays apple customers waiting in line for the next product release. with a samsung user holding the spot for his parents. >> honey, this is the line for apps. >> we're not taking our foot off the gas. >> just in time for christmas, apple also upgraded the number one selling notebook and the number one desktop model. >> 10, 9 -- >> reporter: the rollout comes just days before microsoft's release of windows 8, still dominating the personal computer market. industry insiders say microsoft's move is an attempt to hold ground in the pc world, while trying to make some headway in tablet sales. >> i'd like to call it a clash of the titans. but really, apple is bigger and stronger than all the rest of them out there. >> reporter: silicon valley's tech wars, aimed at capturing your imagination and your money. miguel almaguer, nbc news, san jose, california. >>> apple stock was actually down today, because investors fear the $329 starting price for the ipad mini is too high for the market. that only contributed to an alread
global restrucutring plan. samsung turned in record profits for the third quarter by remaining the number one smartphone seller. samsung profits nearly doubled to $5.97 billion. it also sold 55.5 million smartphones, compared to apple's 26.9 million sales of iphones. apple will get a boost today when the iphone 5 finally goes on sale in india following several delays. peanut butter prices are smoother for consumers. peanut farmers are expecting a bumper crop this year. peanuts were one of the few crops to avoid being scorched by this summer's drought. a 2011 drought in the southeast damaged crops and peanut prices spiked. now the abundant supply may help bring prices back down by 30%. mcdonald's is breaking new grounds in canada. it plans to sell bagged, ground and whole- bean coffee in november at the burger chain in canada. it's part of a plan to compete with dunkin' donuts. there are no plans under the golden arches to sell ground coffee in the u.s. sports advertising is getting into the game - literally. players may soon wear advertisements on their jerseys under a plan being tossed a
that kind of access. you just made a big announcement that some -- samsung. explain what the sam sun announcement was, but help me understand how it is -- the starting point has got to be giving kids a free access. some of the kids don't even have the access here. >> there are a couple of dimensions here. the here and now in working with schools, even when they got access to laptops and kids would get beat up on the way home and someone would take the laptop from them, the solutions we have seen or some combination of either after-school program for the mine have access to the technology there, extended class time or extended computer lab time, and that seems to work pretty well. a longer-term solution, and this is what i am optimistic about, for the first time we can let education ride on the technology curve, where technology is getting it dramatically cheaper and more accessible on a yearly basis. if you look at the adoption of broadband technology in relation to the air conditioner or the refrigerator coming it is faster than all of that. tavis: what was the samsung thing that i
of 26%. apple launched a smaller version of ipad this month. samsung electronics posted record earnings for the quarter. managers at the south korean firm saw strong demand for their range of smart phones. total sales for july to september, amounted to $48 billion. that's up 26% from a year earlier. samsung posted an operating profit of $7.4 billion. that's up more than 90% from the previous year. those successes came as the south korean economy gears down. gross domestic product, slowed further in the last quarter. the people at the bank of korea said the economy grew 0.2%, compared to the previous quarter. south koreans will vote in a presidential election in december. many are trying to figure out which candidate will best be able to grow the economy. now, the japanese government has decided on a stimulus package worth $5 billion. new measures are designed to prop up the nation's economy. the program was abducted at a cabinet meeting on friday. it will be financed by existing funds, including reserves from the budget. the package in clouds about $1 billion in subsidies for small and
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on the patent battle between aapple and samsung. >> welcome back. let us update you with a tech news. apple is suing samsung and no samsung is suing a couple. here in california, after the telephon iphone 5----this was filed in california. that the iphone infringers on eight of the samsung patents. saying that " we're always preferred to compete in the marketplace with innovative products instead of competing in the court room. however, the company went on to say that it had little choice but to take these steps necessary to protect innovations. the san francisco based music subscription service will now pay musicians for every person they convince through social media to sign up. starting today you'll be able to pay ms. editions of $10 in an attempt to attract users to this site. with any artist that has created an account such as snoop doog the genius grant. one recipient say that this is a validation called " family initiative. this was started in oakland, 21, awarding self-sufficiency. with neighborhoods bringing groups of friends to gather and asking for them to find jobs, save money a
that thing? on the next one? vo: the next big thing is already here. the samsung galaxy s3. >> al: the wheels are spinning right now. if you're andy reid, what do you do? do you call a pass play? the problem with a pass play, if it's incomplete, you get your field goal but you leave coughlin with a time-out. if you run a running play and you don't get it, you make him use his last time-out assuming he chooses to use it at this point so he would have no time-outs. of course for the giants the big thing right now is to limit them to a field goal. so what does he do right here. >> cris: running michael vick, period. whether outside, inside, that's another ping. burn that time-out. >> al: third and goal. they're going to roll vick out. vick looking. vick's going to go down at the 9 yard line. now the ants can take their final time-out, which they do. it's fourth down and goal, even without a time-out, that's a lot of time for eli to go to work and only need a field goal. >> cris: i thought they were going to go more shotgun and do some kind of a draw. they put him in behind the center, actually g
homes.. >> apple and samsung face new challenges and microsoft introduces a new product to the world. >> hey good, afternoon, larry, carolyn. it's a tale of two margins for the world's biggest smart phone maker, apple having supply issues saying it's costing more to make, samsung is cleaning up, samsung ships 57 million smart phones in the last quarter taking 35% market share. apple 17% market share. apple reported a 24% gain in profit, samsung reported a 91% gain year over year. apple still made about $2 billion more. both companies could face big challenges, soon. stocks of both companies fell today. apple cut the forecast. investors worry demand maying peaking. meantime, stocks barely budthing after a mixed bag of economic and earnings reports. the bloomberg silicon valley index closing qlor. >> today is the day microsoft has been talking about for months. windows 8 and surface tablet went on sale. it's marks the biggest overhaul in two decades. it's got a big challenge ahead because it offers way fewer apps than users can get on apple's operating system. however, it caused plenty
for the holiday selling season, samsung can sell its galaxy tablet again in the u.s. a california federal court lifted the sales ban late yesterday. in june, a judge temporarily stopped galaxy sales as samsung and apple fought a patent case in court. in august a jury ruled the south korean company's tablet computer did not infringe on apple's patents. the galaxy 10.1 is an older model, but analysts say it still could deliver big sales for samsung over the holidays. now, what do apple, coca-cola, and ibm have in common? each earned the top three spots on interbrand's annual best global brands list. coca-cola is holding steady at number one for the 12th year in a row. but apple, the maker of the popular iphones and ipads, is close on its heels, jumping to number two thanks to stellar global sales. while tech companies dominate half of the top ten positions on the list, blackberry finds itself at the bottom, plummeting to 93 as the company struggles to reinvent itself. >> down the table, and by no means a prediction of future movement. it's about products, people, culture, and about making sure th
the program. the name would likely change from fresh start to trinity center. >>> apple and samsung have renewed their legal rivalry with a new lawsuit. samsung file add new suit claiming patent infringement against apple's new iphone 5. in a statement today samsung said quote we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our invasions and intellectual property rights, end quote. >>> on wall street stocks finished the day mixed. dow industrial lost 32 and uncertainties about health of the economy in spain. nasdaq gained 6. >>> jp morgan chase is facing a new lawsuit over the activities of right before the economic melt down. a federal mortgage tax force claims committed fraud. the allegation involved mortgage security deals that cost investors billions of dollars between 2005 and 2007. jp morgan bought bear sterns back in 2008. >> this case is underlining the essential principle of the working group which is that there's one set of rules for everyone, and we will not tolerate fraud. >> this is the first lawsuit filed by the task force set up by the obama administration
. and companies hold offerings like secondary to try to raise additional capitol. samsung gaining on apple. the giant is winning big with its phones. earnings in the mobile part of the business just soared 93%. this comes after samsung lost a patent war with rival and apple. >> adell's new song setting new records today at the top of the charts. it became number one less than 10 hours after it was released at 00 p british time to this morning. today is global james bond day making it the 50th anniversary of the release of the first bond film "dr. no.". there is take a look at the markets, guys. stocks were mixed after the unemployment rate surprisely dropped to 7.8% that is the lowest since president obama took office. there you go. the geek squad going to a place no geek has gone before. talking about target and there is ebay added around the clock support for $30 for three months, $50 for six months. and we have seen them, there is black tied and white shirted geeks will descend on 28 targets at the test system. in san francisco, larry and carolyn have a great weekend, guys. >> you, too.
this coming year. it's stock fell 16% in after hours trading. samsung won a round in the fight with apple. a jury ordered samsung to pay for infringing on six patents but according to samsung, the patent office says one of those should never have been granted. and a bankruptcy plan approved for sole lynn dra, bar the new ownership hoping to sell the building for $90 million. >> there is a lot more still to come tonight here on abc 7 news. just ahead two weeks until election day. candidates return together campaign trail. fact check on the debate. >> you know they say you are what you eat. do you know what is on your dinner table? taking a look at food labeling measures on the ballot. >> and an expensive new mess yang techn >> i want to talk about your voice, your vote. one of the propositions is proposition 37. backers say you have the right to know whether what you eat has been genetically modified. opponents say it will drive up the cost of food. >> in a green house, the director is working to develop a lettuce seed that will german yait in hot weather. a colleague trying owe to produce
to step up the competition with prepaid phone carriers. >> samsung is officially targeting apple's iphone 5. let's go to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. , samsung ise 5 accusing apple's iphone 5 of infringing on its patents. samsung began its investigation the iphone 5 as soon as it was available for purchase. the world's two biggest makers of high-end phones have been other on four iphone andover the other devices. postal workers are being d $15,000 for early retirement. that is as the postal service is ining to cut $20 billion operating costs by 2015. it also may have lost $15 yearon in the fiscal ending september 30. this would only put a dent in its debt. 114,000 members of the american postal workers union are eligible. they have a workforce of 530,000 people. has unveiled a $99 no contract at month. this includes unlimited talking texting and 1 gigabyte of data per month. it starts on october 7 and is offerss than previous similar features. even with a price cut, at&t's offering is still more costly some rival services t- linda bell reporting for abc 7 ne
by the afternoon. howard is back in two minutes with a look at the forecast. >>> at 4:42. samsung can claim a victory over apple inside the u.s. >>> new research subjects fewer teenagers are getting behind the wheel drunk. >>> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ >>> welcome back. 4:40. your wednesday first on this foggy morning -- your weather first on this wednesday foggy morning. rather damp and humid. could be a stray shower this morning. we'll turn partly sunny for the afternoon. that will help boost temperatures to the middle 80s. might see a stray shower late too with the drive home temp of 82. i'll
are reporting similar problems. trying to iron out the bugs. >>> legal fight now between apple and samsung shows no sign of ending. here to talk about that more is kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> big dollars at stake here. there is a fight with samsung and apple. apple won a $1 billion jury judgment against samsung recently regarding patent infringement on the iphone and ipad and now samsung is appealing that and now adding another apple device to its own patent case against apple this time the iphone 5. at the same time, the judge presiding over the case in san jose in federal court decided to lift the sales ban on the galaxy tab 10.1 that was the one samsung device that the jury said did not infringe on apple's patents. a lot of legal maneuvering going on between them. speaking of tablets, hewlett- packard, which got out of the business a year ago, is getting back in with a new tablet that's aimed at the enterprise market based off of the palm web os software system that it bought a couple of years ago. >>> automakers sales in september, chrysler sales up 12%, its best
, everybody. quarter past the hour. stocks now and every 15 minutes. breaking news on apple and samsung. nicole: this is a big one that we will continue to follow. u.s. appeals court actually reversing that injunction against samsung galaxy nexus smart phone in the patent fight with apple. as the news roque, the volume spiked, it sold off. this is not great news here for apple. apple, by the way, has been below the 50 day moving average. nowhere near its all-time high that we saw back in the middle of september. right now, you are seeing it down $2.39. we will continue to follow this. it looks like it is trying to make a go and come off of it loads. back to you. connell: let's make some money with our friend charles payne. dagen: make it rain, people, make it rain. charles: nuts and bolts. connell: don't say anything. just protecting ourselves. not on this show. we have some standards here. charles: more or less in line with the street. the stock is absolutely surging. the founder of this company thought he would get back in 1967 and put stuff inside bending machines. plumbing supplies,
before he goes there. before the big run-up. then the hassle than lifted. samsung fighting back with its own lawsuit against apple. top of the hour right now. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with stocks now every 15 minutes. nicole: we wanted to take a look at some of the winners. a couple retailers coming into focus. express, limited. gaining an outlook that is weaker than expected. we are seeing it fell off. the teenage retailer is doing better. george telecom is up 18-19% right now. citigroup having a couple of upgrades. you can also see citigroup getting an upgrade. groupon is -- dupont is the number one. dagen: thank you so much. there are only 90 days left until the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff. our fair, find representative -- we have forbes opinions editor joining us now. will we avoid this? everyone seems to be not so worried about it. should we be? >> we will avoid it. politicians have an opportunist jean. i think there also is, even among democrats, a belief to be the wrong time to raise taxes on the productive in society. dagen: wh
] the all-new lexus es 350. >> samsung is allowed to continue selling its phone while it flies a lawsuit in court. apple says that samsung stole its technology and wants all samsung products pulled from the shelves. samsung was ordered to pay $1 billion in damages and is trying to get that judgment thrown out. >> when we come back we winui >> a tough commute 3 this morning heading into san francisco. we have a hot spot actually several hot spots but i will start off with your favorite bay bridge ride. this is the result of an accident that clear about 10 minutes ago. west on 80 just west a fremont street it was a three car crash. so the cars flipped over but the crewsthe ma on a san mateo bridge this morning because it will be slow for you in both directions. >> there's just outside for u.s. to step out the door. the low pressure system we were tracking has pushed his way east and is currently impacting those of you having to lake tahoe. temperatures are on a mild to talk about. 66 for santa clara 64 for mountain view close to 74 antioch 64 for san leandro and the north bay has mostly cl
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